False Plate Handle - Black - 310x70mm - Aluminium Flanges

False Plate Handle - Black - 310x50mm

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REMEMBER TO ADD THE REQUIRED QTY OF PLUGS AND STUDS BY SELECTING THEM SEPARATELY. (Qty holes x qty hinges will tell you how many plugs and studs are needed separately)

Embellishment accessories for your project. Fit to garage doors, house doors, steel gates, frames, most furniture items and just about anything you want to revamp or decorate.

Dimensions is 395(L) x 50(H)

The system allows for a water tight seal. Unlike other pressed steel decorative hardware, these do not rust.

Will not perish or fade in harsh weather conditions. All decorative hardware are manufactured using ABS plastic.

All fitments are interchangeable, so changing your decor will be as easy as turning out and turning in.

Easy to install. Only use a drilling machine to drill a hole with a 10mm drill bit insert plastic plug, screw in stud. No glue no tape.

Items are paintable.