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Solidworx Pipe Cutter (8 to 76mm DIA)

Solidworx Pipe Cutter (8 to 76mm DIA)

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New Solidworx Pipe Cutter (8 to 76mm DIA)

New manual pipe cutter that can cut from 8 to 76mm DIA pipes on any kind of pipe material. The large cut size makes this tool an ideal multi tool and that eliminates the need to purchase various size pipe cutter tools for different applications.

Ideal for applications to cut various pipes into lengths where no thread is needed like copper and PVC pipes. Gives a clean cut without any burrs.

This robust pipe cutter is locally designed and manufactured,  comes with a 12 month warranty. (excluding the cutting wheel which is replaceable with new)

Most of the parts are made out of aluminium with the cutting wheel of tool steel and which is also heat treated.

All replacement parts are available separately.