Collection: Special Clamp type fittings with Grub screws


Can be used in combination with the threaded fittings.

Similar to the Kee Clamp Type Fittings with grub screws to fasten the fitting and easy assembling of projects. Use an allen key to fasten the fitting to pipes.  There are no threads to screw a pipe on.

Fittings available:

  • 3-way corner with grub screws
  • 4-way corner with grub screws
  • tee with grub screws
  • elbow with grub screws
  • flange with grub screws

TIP: just slide the fitting on a pipe and fasten where needed instead of cut pipe in half to insert a pipe to each end of fitting.

Finally a solution to solve the problem of not having same level on frames when assembling your project.

Now it will be easy to make your tables, chairs etc without the fuss to use a number of Tee and Barrel fittings. Make the item as it is suppose to be. 

This fitting is locally manufactured from aluminium, therefor is lightweight and strong and purposely made for DIY pipe furniture and decor projects.  Only available in 20mm size for projects.

Use it on 20mm pipes (OUTER DIAMETER MAX 27.2mm).