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We are a young company who saw the need of locally produced flanges for the South African market. We have developed these high quality and very strong flanges for the DIY pipe furniture and decor industry as an alternative to the Chinese type which are not available anymore in South Africa. 

We also expanded due to customer demand into supplying galvanised fittings, custom length galvanised pipes cut in any length and also offer a thread cutting service for your own pipes.

There are hundreds of ideas on the internet if you know where to look and best of all you can make it yourself.

Have a look by click on Pinterest for many examples like below and let your imagination hit the road.... 


These flanges are used in the furnishing industry by crafty DIY people who make industrial look furniture, lamps etc for themselves or by entrepreneurs selling to the public. They are used to mount that masterpiece of furniture or DIY pieces to walls and floors. Our flanges are made to work with all galvanised fittings and pipes.

Amazon Commerce Pty Ltd  is the sole manufacturer of these aluminium flanges and are specifically made locally in Gauteng, South Africa.

What makes our flanges then so different? They are light weight, weighing less than 100 grams for each size and will greatly reduce shipping costs for our customers. They are made from strong LM6 cast aluminium material with great paint qualities. Each flange is checked for quality before delivery to our customers.

We deliver via courier nationwide and your order will reach you usually within 3 business days.

So what are you waiting for? Support proudly South African made products.