Delivery Information


Delivery Options:


- Courier economy service door to door 

- Postnet to Postnet branch courier service (max 15kg)

- Or alternatively may orders be collected from our office in Derdepoort, Pretoria when ready for collection.

Orders are couriered at very affordable rates to all locations in SA and usually delivered within 1 to 3 business days. The courier cost is automatically calculated based on your street code. 

The current limit for online checkout is 70kg (excluding Postnet &which is 15kg max). If your order weights more then you will not be able to select the courier option. The solution is send an email to with your required items and we will then provide you a better delivery rate and quote.


We strive to get your items delivered to you on time every time. We only make use of reputable couriers for local deliveries, to get your items delivered directly to your door wherever you are. 

All our shipments come with a tracking number and on most occasions you will receive a few email notifications from our couriers confirming your delivery and tracking number, so that you can conveniently track your shipment online at anytime.

Please bear in mind that couriers need the following in order to get your order to you quickly: 
1. Daytime physical address - This is the location where you are normally located between 8am and 5pm. 
2. Contact telephone number - sometimes our couriers have difficulty finding your address, or may need to contact you to make some arrangement for the delivery to take place. We provide them with your telephone number for this just in case. 
Even when deliveries are made, our couriers scan in a copy of the waybill with the signature and name of the person that signed for the parcel. That means that you never have to worry about not receiving your parcel, as we can track who took possession at the time of delivery. 


Couriers do not deliver on Weekends and Public Holidays.

May we collect instead of having our parcel delivered?

Refer to the contact page for more information.



I have not received my delivery, and the stated delivery time has passed?

On rare occasions or in remote areas delays can happen. If the expected delivery times are exceeded significantly, please contact with your order number and we will try to understand what has happened with your shipment and update you. 

I have tracked my order and the courier company has been 2km away for the past hour, what should I do?
We make use of a number of different couriers to deliver our awesome products to you. We do however have a fantastic system in place that lets you check up on the status of your delivery, as well as send you emails to keep you in the loop. That way, you always can easily see what is happening with your delivery.

If you still need more information though, simply get in touch with us on and we'll get right on it. 

It is 16h00 and I have still not received my delivery, what should I do?
When we book deliveries with our courier company it is standard to request a delivery before 16h00. This does not always mean that delivery will take place before 16h00, on rare occasions the courier company may deem your delivery address an outlying area (especially residential addresses) and as a result only deliver after 16h00. Should you need to leave the address after 16h00 for any reason and are afraid you will miss the delivery, please note that our courier company has been instructed to give you call, and attempt delivery the following week day, should no one be available at the time of delivery.


Do you ship international?

Currently we deliver only in South Africa. 


Economy Rates (usually 48 - 72 hours)

Below are estimate rates to deliver via courier in South Africa and is not expensive and the best way to get your goods. These costs may change without any prior notice.

Please note that the system will calculate automatically the correct cost according to your postal code and the below is a mere indication of what to expect. The actual cost may differ.


 Parcel Weight

Estimate Cost


   0 – 2 kg

R 65

   2.1 – 5 kg

R 80

 5.1 – 10 kg

R 100

10.1 - 15 kg

  R 115

15.1 - 20 kg R 130
20.1 - 25 kg  R 145
25.1 - 30 kg R 160
30.1 - 35 kg R 170
35.1 - 40 kg R185
40.1 - 45 kg R 200
45.1 - 50 kg R 215
51 - 65 kg R 295

**Main Centre

    0 – 2 kg

R 80

   2.1 – 5 kg

R 105

 5.1 – 10 kg

R 120

10.1 - 15 kg R 140
15.1 - 20 kg R 160
20.1 - 25 kg R 180
25.1 - 30 kg R 200
30.1 - 35 kg R 220
35.1 - 40 kg R 240
40.1 -45 kg R 265
45.1 - 50 kg  R 285
51 - 65 kg R 350

* Regional

    0 – 2 kg

R 110

   2.1 – 5 kg

R 125


 5.1 – 10 kg


10.1 - 15 kg R 165
15.1 - 20 kg R 195
20.1 - 25 kg R 230
25.1 - 30 kg R 255
30.1 - 35 kg R 275
35.1 - 40 kg R 300
40.1 - 45 kg  R 335
45.1 - 50 kg R 360
51 - 65 kg R 495

 *Outline areas may have extra surcharges

**Main centres: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, Polokwane, Nelspruit,      Kimberley, George, Pietermaritzburg, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, East London