Who is Amazon Commerce Pty Ltd?

It is a young company who saw the need of locally produced flanges for the South African market. We have developed these high quality flanges for all DIY people or any other person who would like to start making unique items for their home or by selling the items made and generate an extra income. Or use it for any purpose you see fit.

Now you can have a reliable product locally produced without the hassle of importing flanges from China or elsewhere. 

May we collect instead of having our parcel delivered?

Refer to the contact page for information on collection times which can be done with prior arrangement. Payment options when collection if not paid through the website are cash, SnapScan or with Credit / Debit card.



I have not received my delivery, and the stated delivery time has passed?
On rare occasions or in remote areas delays can happen. If the expected delivery times are exceeded significantly, please contact kobus@amazoncommerce.co.za with your order number and we will try to understand what has happened with your shipment and update you. 

I have tracked my order and the courier company has been 2km away for the past hour, what should I do?
We make use of a number of different couriers to deliver our awesome products to you. We do however have a fantastic system in place that lets you check up on the status of your delivery, as well as send you emails to keep you in the loop. That way, you always can easily see what is happening with your delivery.

If you still need more information though, simply get in touch with us on  kobus@amazoncommerce.co.za and we'll get right on it. 

It is 16h00 and I have still not received my delivery, what should I do?
When we book deliveries with our courier company it is standard to request a delivery before 16h00. This does not always mean that delivery will take place before 16h00, on rare occasions the courier company may deem your delivery address an outlying area (especially residential addresses) and as a result only deliver after 16h00. Should you need to leave the address after 16h00 for any reason and are afraid you will miss the delivery, please note that our courier company has been instructed to give you call, and attempt delivery the following week day, should no one be available at the time of delivery.


Do you ship international?

Currently we deliver only in South Africa. 

Can I buy wholesale from you?

No wholesale prices available but may give a percentage discount on different quantities purchased.

Discounts percentages given will be to Amazon Commerce own discretion and is not guaranteed.

Terms and conditions apply.

What are these flanges used for?

Used with commonly available galvanised pipes and fittings from your local hardware store. These type of flanges are used in the furnishing industry by crafty DIY people who make industrial look furniture, lamps etc for themselves or by entrepreneurs selling to the public. Can also be used for any purpose you see fit.

These type of furniture or decorations are popular abroad in countries like USA and Europe but in the last year or so this hype has started to spill over to South Africa. On social media like Pinterest the popularity is clearly noticeable. Click here to see some examples of where they are used. 

 What are the weight and dimensions of these flanges?

15 mm Flange
Base diameter 75 mm
Height 15 mm
Base thickness 5 mm
Hole size M6
Hole qty 4
Weight 57 grams
20 mm Flange
Base diameter 85 mm
Height 15 mm
Base thickness 5 mm
Hole size M6
Hole qty 4
Weight 73 grams


25 mm Flange
Base diameter 90 mm
Height 15 mm
Base thickness 5 mm
Hole size M6
Hole qty 4
Weight 85 grams